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Pricing Strategy for Software Firms

How much should I charge for my software? Setting a price is incredibly complex. This book explains software pricing in everyday terms.
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Pricing can improve your business

Pricing is the most powerful strategic lever that any company will ever find. Better prices can yield higher profits, better customers and improved cash flow.

Hard work is optional

You were told that the path to profitability required hard work, increased functionality, improved quality and increased customer outreach. It's a lie. Fixing your product's pricing and positioning is the most surefire way to earn greater profits.

Even if you understanding that pricing is important, it's a difficult subject to master. Just take a peek at some common software pricing mistakes.

Pricing is powerful

It's not always about maximizing your profitability or revenue. Pricing should be wielded as a strategic tool to weaken your competitors, enter new markets and even change the way potential customers perceive your offerings.

Do you realize that you can change your revenue model to reduce you risk?

Pricing is hard

Do phrases like decoy pricing, Veblen good and free rider mean nothing to you? You can read their definitions in the pricing glossary, but you should probably contact us for help. We're not just your run-of-the-mill marketing consultants. We're software pricing specialists. We literally wrote the book on software pricing and will apply economic analysis and strategy to help you reach your business goals.

Clues that your pricing model is broken

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