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We make sure that your pitch connects with your customers. Take a look at some of our business model teardowns or read our quick guide to revenue models.
Pricing Advice
Pricing Advice
Not sure what to charge? We literally wrote the book on pricing. Need a quick fix? Read the Top 10 Pricing Mistakes.
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Need someone who understands how businesses work? Let us provide the help you need. Contact us.
How much can I charge for my software? Setting a price is incredibly complex. This book explains software pricing in everyday terms.
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You've been brainwashed

You were told that the path to profitability required hard work, additional functionality, improved quality and increased customer outreach. It's a lie. The number one way that most companies can earn higher profits is by improving their pricing strategies.

You didn't just pick your prices out of thin air, did you?

Do phrases like decoy pricing, Veblen good and free rider mean nothing to you? You need our help. We're not just your average software marketing consultants. We're software pricing specialists. We literally wrote the book on software pricing and can apply structured economic thinking to help you reach your business goals.

Pricing is powerful

It's not always about maximizing your profitability or revenue. Pricing can be wielded as a strategic tool to weaken your competitors, enter new markets and even change the way potential customers perceive your offerings.

Three clues that your pricing needs to be fixed

  • You cannot explain how you selected your prices - Your prices should come from an analysis of your goals, your competition, your customers and your product.
  • You chose your prices based upon costs - Your costs are sunk. They're irrelevant. Your customers don't care how much money you spent developing your software. They care about the value that your software provides.
  • You copied a competitor's pricing - Are you selling the exact same product as your competitors? Are your goals the same too? How about your reputation? Even if they're all the same, there's a good chance that they didn't put much thought into their pricing strategies.

Can you help me?

Certainly. Although each engagement is tailored to our client's needs, our offerings generally entail one or more of the following:

  • Mentoring: We'll guide you through the pricing journey and help you discover your ideal pricing strategy.
  • Classes & Workshops: We'll teach you the major concepts in pricing so that you can improve your offerings.
  • Marketplace Analysis: We can investigate your offerings (along with your competitors') and produce a playbook for you to improve your pricing and business strategies.

We're here to improve your pricing strategy

Contact us to get started.

Don't work more. Earn more.

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