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Discover the secret rules for avoiding the race to the bottom.

You've been fed a diet of lies

You've been lied to from the time when you were little, and the sad thing is that you don't even realize it.

You spent decades of your life being trained and rewarded by teachers for doing exactly the same thing as everyone else.

You learned that the only way to get ahead is to do exactly what everyone else does - just a little better.

At no point did anyone bother to tell you that you could get ahead by doing something different.

We were pushed to do the exact same thing as everyone else did so that we could be graded against each other. We were taught that becoming an interchangeable part that could be replaced quickly, cheaply, and without a second thought was in our best interests.

And what is the result?

People like you learned these lessons and learned them well. When you entered the business world, there was always a voice in the back of your mind telling you to conform.

As a result, vendors only had one option to stand out: they had to work harder so that they could deliver their goods at a lower price.

Every year the competition becomes more intense with new competitors willing to accept lower and lower prices.

And yet you continue on, hoping for the best, because this was how you were taught to compete. You just don't know how to do anything differently.

What if you tried something else?

If the lessons that you were taught don't work, perhaps it's time to find another way.

It may seem like a dream, but companies are beginning to learn how to reject the old rules.

Sometimes differences are hard to understand

Just about everyone in every country knows that there's nothing like the real thing. People of all stripes are willing to pay a hefty premium for Coke. But why? Is it really so different from other colas?

Take a look at the ingredient lists below. One contains the ingredients in Coca-Cola and the other lists the ingredients in a bottom-shelf option.

Don't they look pretty similar?

In fact, they're almost identical.

Yet Coca-Cola is one of the most powerful and valuable brands on the face of the planet, while no one would notice if the other disappeared tomorrow.

Going premium isn't just a secret to business success - it's the only path to sustainable long-term business success

My name is Adam Juda, and I spent years studying what separates brands that last from all others. Some of the secrets revealed themselves quickly, while others took years to tease apart.

Do you know what the following have in common?

Each was central to building and maintaining a premium brand.

Actions that may appear insignificant to most organizations can take on monumental importance to a premium-focused business.

This is because premium products aren't just better versions of normal products, they're fundamentally different.

So easy anyone can do it

Even skilled business leaders have had to rely upon guesswork and intuition to figure out how to build premium offerings. This was because, until now, there was no guide that they could use to build premium offerings.

But now, that has changed. I'm proud to announce that Premium is ready for purchase.

If it's so valuable, why don't they teach it in business school?

When I was working on my MBA, I came to an astonishing realization: most professors have never actually worked for a business.

Business schools are full of academics who not only learned all of the wrong lessons from their teachers, but excelled in their application.

Not only that, but they have every incentive to gloss over pesky realities that would complicate their mathematical models. The truth is that business professors and economists are not rewarded for understanding how businesses function. Professors Scholes and Merton only required a single year after winning the 1997 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for their business to fail so spectacularly that it threatened the entire world economy with destruction and required a multi-billion dollar bailout from the Federal Reserve.

If the best and brightest academics can get themselves into that much trouble that quickly, perhaps we shouldn't be looking to them for help with our businesses.

Can't I figure this out on my own?

You can certainly try following my path. I majored in economics, picked up a master's degree in business, then spent years studying how companies price and position their products.

My research claims aren't just an empty promise - I've written hundreds of thousands of words that you can read this very moment on my website.

Once I began to develop the premium framework, I spent years testing it against companies of all sizes. From pizza shops to software development houses, I applied my conclusions against every business I came across.

If you have thousands of hours available, an unquenchable personal interest in the subject, and a willingness to lock yourself away from friends and family for weeks at a time, you can certainly try to recreate my work. But wouldn't you rather invest those resources into building your business, instead of trying to recreate the insights that I've already made available?

Is Premium for everyone?


Premium was built from the ground up for business leaders who are willing to take action and change their products and themselves at a fundamental level.

Managers hoping for magical tweaks that don't require effort would be better off looking elsewhere.

If you aren't ready to stop competing on price and find a new path, you should probably skip Premium and wait until I get around to writing the book Mediocre.

Let's face it though, who in this world would want to run a mediocre company in the first place?

The scary thing is that it's not just small companies that can benefit from this book.

If you're tired of the rat race, buy my book

If you're sick of struggling against countless competitors, if you're getting tired of the race to the bottom, and if you're ready to make a change, invest in a copy of Premium today.

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