Premium: The Missing Framework

Why is premium important?

Your company spent years developing the perfect product. It performs exactly as expected, and does exactly what it should.

There's just one problem: it's lost in a sea of competition. Shoppers pay little attention, and your advisors are screaming that you should drop your prices just to compete.

Of course not! The trick is to position your company as a premium provider selling premium products.

People don't ask for discounts on Lamborghinis or worry about miles per gallon when buying a Porsche.

These brands have transcended the world of commodity products and exist in a marketplace where the rules of the game are very different. For them, discounting is not only unnecessary but seen a detriment to their brands.

What does premium mean?

In short, a premium product is one that people truly care about.

If you read Premium: The Missing Framework, you'll...

Premium: The Missing Framework is jam-packed with analysis and advice on how to escape being seen as a commodity and how to become something more.

With examples from the worlds of clothing retailers, deli suppliers, and even ancient Roman glatiators, this book is full of non-stop insights into the consumer mindset and the construction of premium reputations.

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