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Premium: The Missing Framework

It's a Common Problem

Your company spent years developing the perfect product. It performs its functions exactly as promised.

There's just one problem: it's lost in a sea of competition. Shoppers pay little attention, and your firm is forced to drop its pricing just to compete.

Of course not! The trick is to position your company as a premium provider selling premium products.

People don't ask for discounts on Lamborghinis or worry about miles per gallon when buying a Porsche.

These brands have transcended the world of commodity products and exist in a marketplace where the rules of the game are very different and discounting is not only unnecessary but seen as a detriment.

Premium: The Missing Framework explains it all

Premium: The Missing Framework is jam-packed with analysis and advice on how to escape being seen as a commodity (even a really, really good one).

With examples from the worlds of clothing retailers, deli suppliers, and even ancient Roman gladiators, the 60,000 words of non-stop insights into the consumer mindset will help your firm move from a generic marketing participant to a premium market leader.

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