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Pricing Newsletter & Course

Wondering what you can charge?

Pricing Course

You'll receive a series of lessons on pricing to get you thinking about how to improve your business.

  1. Why modern pricing strategy isn't like what they taught you in school
  2. Why you need to throw your spreadsheets out the window
  3. Why you need to think hard about your business goals
  4. How to look closely at your product
  5. How to spy on your competitors
  6. How to dollarize customer pain points
  7. How to recognize problems with free offers
  8. How to use product tiers

Monthly Q&A

You'll also receive my monthly Q&A session. In it, I'll answer questions from readers like you.

Here are the archives:

  • November 2018: Matching a Competitor's Price Increases
  • October 2018: Pricing without Clear Requirements
  • September 2018: Margins, Strategies, and Profits
  • August 2018: Price Tiering for T-Shirts
  • July 2018: Beating Competitors with Price Cuts
  • June 2018: Honesty and Pricing
  • May 2018: Niche Selection Gone Wrong
  • April 2018: Productized Offerings
  • March 2018: Comparing Dissimilar Pricing Structures
  • February 2018: Customers and Their Perceptions of Value
  • January 2018: Value Pricing's Dirty Secrets
  • December 2017: Knowing when to Hold Them and when to Sell Them
  • November 2017: Thinking about Costs when Setting Prices