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Have you noticed that goods are becoming more expensive? Prices are rising, and we, as customers, are suffering. Vendors are quick to explain that it isn't their fault. They have to raise prices, because their own costs have increased. Of course, they would say that. It's the exact rationale I recommended more than five... [read more]
What is Walmart's curbside pickup? Given the constant discussion of Covid-19, it's not surprising that people are trying to avoid contact with strangers. Many shoppers see Walmart's curbside pickup as a means of acquiring food without coming into proximity with others. Here's how the curbside pickup works: The shopper... [read more]
I wish that more business owners would ask themselves a very simple question: "What will customers buy from me?" Manufacturers often think in terms of products that roll off an assembly line. Service providers tend to focus on the labor that their employees perform. Very few business owners, however, pay much attention to a source of... [read more]
So, What's Next? People are always asking themselves, "What's next?" They graduate from high school and ask, "What's next?" They read a chapter in a novel and ask, "What's next?" They follow a step in a recipe and ask, "What's next?" Business owners are no different. They want to know how their... [read more]
It was more than two years ago that I told my readers to stop badmouthing hourly pricing. I'll admit that the system of hourly billing is far from perfect, but it has its time and place. Today I'd like to step forth to protect another unfortunate victim of economic disdain:... [read more]
Relatively few people have taken the time to read both Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto and Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations. This isn't surprising. Neither is particularly light reading, and each... [read more]
It seems like product samples are everywhere these days: When you walk through a mall's food court, you're inundated with samples of food. When you sit down at a movie theater, you're subjected to a handful of trailers (movie samples). When you visit paywalled websites, you're presented with... [read more]
I recently listened to a consultant speak about Peter van Westendorp's price sensitivity meter. Although the presenter listed all sorts of facts about it, he missed the most important one of all: the van Westendorp price sensitivity meter is so unreliable that it will prove deadly to just about any businesses foolish enough to rely upon... [read more]
Introduction and a Disclaimer I like listening to conspiracy theories as much as the next guy - and the next guy seems to really like them, considering that the show Ancient Aliens enjoys higher ratings than... [read more]
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