About TapRun.com

When I started this site in 2013, few businesses understood the importance of pricing.

Times are changing - slowly.

Even reporters from the mainstream press are beginning to figure out that companies need to focus on pricing if they want to survive. Nevertheless, huge sections of our economy are being malinvested into opportunities that don't make any sense.

In my writing, I investigate how businesses can earn higher profits and reach their business objectives through the implementation of strategic pricing, refined offer packaging, and expert positioning.

My tool of choice? A unique brand of behavioral economics -- a school of thought that blends traditional economic theory with insights from the fields of psychology and cognitive science.

As the author of four books related to pricing, one of the largest blogs on pricing, a pricing Q&A newsletter, and what might just be the world's first pricing manifesto, I work to expose the powerful secrets of pricing to all who are willing to listen (and perhaps even to a few who are not).

My areas of expertise include:

I hold a number of degrees and certifications including:

I can be contacted directly, and you can also sign up for my free email course on pricing.