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About Adam Juda

Hello! I'm Adam.


I help companies just like yours earn higher profits and reach business objectives via pricing strategy and positioning.

Many businesses are product-focused, or image-focused, or even technology-focused. For some reason, businesses rarely seem to place even the smallest bit of focus upon their pricing. This is a mistake that damages individual companies - and the economy as a whole. Even major newspapers are starting to figure out that companies need to start thinking harder about their pricing.

Since 2014, I've focused on the tactics and strategy of monetizing offerings, helping companies improve their pricing, their positioning, and (most importantly) their profits. I've even written a pricing manifesto to explain my philosophy and approach to the world of pricing.

As the author of four books related to pricing (as well as one of the world's largest blogs on pricing and a monthly pricing Q&A newsletter), I've learned to approach pricing from almost any angle you can imagine - and probably several that you can't.

I hold a number of degrees and certifications:

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You can contact me with any questions, speaking, or consulting opportunities. If you're not quite ready for that, you can also sign up for my free email course on pricing at the bottom of this page.