Pricing Resources


A tool for understanding a firm's pricing power (created by Adam Juda)
A tool for evaluating new product lines
A resource-based view


A video course covering the basics of business economics
How to make money with data
A guide to common forms of asset depreciation
How will people find you?
Prepare for sales pitches with this useful tool
A useful guide
Methods to determine your pricing
Methods to make money with software
A list of common software licenses
Common errors and how to avoid them


Answer 10 questions, get immediate help for your business
Predict shifts in pricing by looking at things that look like candles
A work in progress
Business, accounting, and economics formulas (in development)
What's wrong with an average pricing page?
A simple quiz to find out how you should charge your customers
List of economics terms and definitions
So how do we set prices?
A collection of news articles about pricing
Jobs relating to pricing (this is a work in progress)
A collection of rules for successful pricing
A growing collection of tools for finding good prices
Books that I have written
A model for explaining the purchasing power of money.
Learn about what others have said about pricing
Practice overcoming customer objections
A flowchart for success

Fun and Games

How impressive is your knowledge of pricing terms?
Guess the right letters and win a prize
Can you descramble the words?
Predict your pricing fortunes
Catch time traveling economists (under development)
Find them all