Pricing Analyst Job

Pricing Analyst Description

Have you ever wondered where pricing comes from?

It may be the executives who set prices, but it's the pricing analysts who gather and report upon the data in the marketplace.

Don't kid yourself - price analysis does take a lot of data. In many cases some of it may be hard (or even impossible) to come by. Nevertheless, pricing analysts try to increase clarity and create models of each product's competitive position.

Much of their efforts may be independent, however good pricing analysts will stay in close communication with sales, marketing, engineering, and product management. Individuals from these departments will often be able to provide additional knowledge and insight that will weigh heavily in a strong pricing analysis.

Pricing Analyst Typical Requirements

This role typically requires an undergraduate degree. Although there are no formal programs in price analysis, some of the most desirable majors include accounting, economics, statistics and finance.

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Pricing Analyst Typical Salary

It's difficult to provide an exact figure, but salaries for this role appear to be between $50,000 and $60,000.