Pricing Strategy Is My Business

Tarot for Business Pricing Strategy

8 of Swords
The Knight of Wands
The Sun


Did you know that economic cartomancy is based on on the latest pseudoscientific breakthroughs? Let's see what the cards have to say...

There is much about the past that is worth discussing; the first card is 8 of swords. As with all swords cards, this one has to do with the concept of discoverability.

Now here's where it gets interesting: we see the knight of wands. As with all wands cards, this one has to do with the concept of urgency.

They say the hardest thing to make predictions about is the future, but I see the sun. This card indicates an important message about your advantages.

Although tarot cards can provide useful advice, an economist can probably do better. Send me a note and I'll provide you with even better guidance.

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