Tripwire offers: The easiest way to sell expensive products and services

Tell me if this sounds like your business...

You to sell something expensive.

Well not exactly... you try to sell something expensive, but you're finding it very difficult to make a sale.

Many of your leads don't want to buy, others drag their feet, and the rest demand deep price concessions.

Sometimes you wonder if it's even worth it.

The answer to all three of those questions is, most assuredly, "No!"

There's a secret technique that makes selling expensive things easy

Selling bigger, better, and more expensive items isn't just a good strategy for businesses - it's the only way most of them can survive.

But how can you make a sale if people aren't ready to buy?

Fortunately, there is a way to get the ball rolling, and build shoppers' confidence in your offerings.

Once customers trust you, they become willing and eager to buy from you.

What's a tripwire?

Trying to convince a potential customer to buy something is hard, especially at his first meeting.

Tripwires are cut make pitches easier by breaking up the sale into a two part marketing funnel.

Rather than attempting to sell a big expensive offering all at once, smart business owners sell tripwires instead.

What's a tripwire?

It's a smaller, less expensive offering that can be sold quickly and with ease.

Tripwires let you start small and work up to something big

When you sell a well-designed tripwire offering, you're essentially getting paid to help buyers pick you as their preferred vendor.

It will seem like magic when...

And on top of all that, you'll get paid every time you sell your tripwire product.

It's like getting paid to advertise your more profitable offerings!

Do tripwires sound like it's too good to be true?

The tripwire strategy has largely been ignored because it remains a mystery to many businesses.

Sure, selling a small product or service sounds in order to build trust sounds easy - but it isn't.

No one ever took the time to develop a model to explain the psychology behind how they work, the different ways they can be designed, and how they can be exploited to generate higher levels of profit.

Introducing my brand-new tripwire book

I've researched tripwires in depth, and it seems like everyone is talking about them, but very few have anything to say. The truth is, it's an echo chamber, with many pundits telling us why tripwires are great, but never explaining how to actually create one.

That's where I come in. I've modeled every step of the process, including the design, creation, and deployment of high performance tripwire offers.

Book contents

My book is a masterclass in producing tripwires that generate profit.

  1. How they work
  2. Advantages over other systems
  3. When do tripwires make the most sense?
  4. Classes of tripwires
  5. Characteristics of good tripwires
  6. Designing a tripwire and selecting the right type
  7. Examples of tripwires in practice
  8. Pitching tripwires to potential buyers
  9. Common tripwire mistakes
  10. Refining tripwires with feedback

Who am I?

I'm a product manager and economist who has spent years studying how people make buying decisions.

Through my books like Premium and Strategic Pricing, I've shown business owners how changes to their business strategies can yield big increases in profits.

If you want to sell expensive offerings, you need this course!

Tripwires allow businesses to sell bigger items faster and with more confidence.

They are the secret weapon you need for your business.

The course is still under development, but it will be available soon.

If you'd like to be notified when it becomes available let me know.