Open Letter to Pope Francis: Let Me Fix Your Pricing Strategy

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pope Francis,

I hope that you enjoy your upcoming trip to Philadephia. As you know, you have many followers who eagerly await your visit. Unfortunately, there are few venues large enough to contain everyone who would like to hear you speak.

You are a man known for his generosity of spirit. As such, I was not surprised to learn that you had given the tickets to your upcoming speech away for free. It also did not surprise me to learn that all of your tickets had been claimed (I won't use the term "sold") within five minutes - a great many of them now being resold by scalpers.

While your reputation precedes you as a kind and caring man, I suspect that your decision to give away free tickets was not intended to help those looking to profit from their resale.

Here are three strategies that you might want to consider for distributing tickets to your future events:

No system is perfect, but I believe any of the three above would be preferable to the system used for your upcoming speech.

Are you the pope? You'll probably want to contact me for a consultation. Not the pope? You'll probably benefit from my help too. Oh, and my software pricing book is still for sale. If you haven't read it yet, you should!