Should Consultants Hide Their Prices?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I attended a lunchtime meeting of entrepreneurs last week. It wasn't long before discussion turned to pricing. One question that generated much heated debate was the following:

Should I show my rates on my website?

As always, it depends upon the individual case, but, for most folks, I would argue that the answer is no.

commodity pricing
Image courtesy of Ralf Roletschek

Let's take a look at when you'll want to make your pricing public:

There are many businesses that do very well in markets characterized as above. That being said, large companies are often able to dominate in battles based upon price. In general, I urge one-man consultancies to think about utilizing value pricing for their services.

By keeping prices off their websites, consultants can tailor their offerings (and their prices) to each individual customer. They can ensure that the services that they offer are priced properly for each client and that conversations are focused upon the value that they are able to provide.