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Many in the software world were shocked by a recent court case. Back in July, a handful of technology firms like Adobe, Google and Apple agreed to pay $324 million to settle a class action lawsuit. The companies had allegedly taken part in anti-competitive... [read more]
In many immature economies, the price paid for a given good must be negotiated at the time of each transaction. A man who wishes to buy a loaf of bread will discuss his proposed purchase with the baker until (hopefully) both parties agree upon a price. As economies mature, market participants lose both the ability and desire to negotiate. Far... [read more]
Do you need a monetization consultant to help you increase your profitability? ... [read more]
Do you need a pricing consultant to help you figure out how you can increase... [read more]
The bundling of products has long been a pricing strategy for both tangible and digital goods. Nevertheless, many marketers lack a strong understanding of this methodology. Why bundle goods in the first place? The only reason is to convince consumers to do something that they would not normally do. Full stop. I could end the article... [read more]
As a blood donor, I receive many coupons and discounts to local establishments. In fact, I've acquired so many that I sometimes just use them to reduce the clutter in my house. I wasn't particularly hungry yesterday, but I passed by a local restaurant that sounded familiar. Checking my... [read more]
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Pricing is hard. The more you learn, the more you want to fiddle with your numbers. But isn't there more to pricing than knowing what to charge? Certainly! As it says on my homepage, price is more than just a number. Case in point: I spoke to an entrepreneur whose goal is to reduce the incidence of violence in American schools. ... [read more]
Would you like some help with your pricing pages? Contact us for a... [read more]
Thankfully, there are no stick figures in my book on pricing... [read more]
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