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As an aspiring film buff, I've been working through my backlog of films. Last month I took in a real masterpiece - the Mona Lisa of modern cinema. I speak (of course) about the fourth installment of Vin Diesel's The Fast and the Furious franchise. I'm proud to say that I understood the majority of this finely-nuanced film. Nevertheless,... [read more]
I wrote a semi-satirical guide to self-promotion a while ago. It was entitled The Scumbag's Guide to Content Marketing. As you can probably guess, it describes a number of techniques that morally questionable authors can use to increase the perceived value of their wares. After all, the higher the perceived value... [read more]
Many companies spend too little time on their pricing pages. It's not enough to have great prices - you also need to explain them! In this video, I'll go over four common mistakes that businesses make on their pricing pages and outline the steps required to correct... [read more]
Coupon codes are getting out of control. At the beginning of this year, I called Michael Dell "The Coupon Master." Since then, coupon codes seemed to pop up everywhere - and they're almost always to the vendors' detriment. Every time a customer eager to make a purchase sees the text... [read more]
Product bundles are powerful. They can encourage consumers to spend larger sums of money. Some companies use bundling for strategic reasons, but bundles typically reduce the overall cost of the bundled items in order to incentivize consumers to make a purchase. Here's an image from a bundled offer on... [read more]
Have you ever wondered how pricing can go so wrong? Wonder no longer. My latest long-form article contains statistics, examples and valuable insights into where many businesses go wrong and how you can avoid the most common pitfalls. Read my new guide to the Top 10 Pricing Mistakes... [read more]
I've been conducting research into various marketing techniques and have discovered something truly amazing. The best content isn't the most shared, discussed or well-known. I was curious why this was the case. How could low-value content perform so well while excellent material was left unread, unshared and unloved? After much research,... [read more]
I spoke at a conference a while ago. It was a two day affair with a speakers' dinner beforehand. After checking into my hotel, I went to the dinner and took part in that awful business ritual known as small talk. Pleasantries were exchanged, we all gave our introductions, but discussions soon turned to something of consequence: the... [read more]
American newspaper USA Today recently broke new ground by including emoji in its headlines. The top story of the day "U.S. hero of French train attack stabbed" was accompanied by... [read more]
Seth Godin mentioned his favorite word processor (Nisus Writer) in a recent blog post. As someone who thinks that the phrase "favorite word processor" makes about as much sense as "favorite thumbtack supplier," I was eager to take a look. ... [read more]
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