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I recently heard from the owner of a consultancy. He was thinking about raising his rates for existing customers. The good news is that raising rates is easy! You just demand more money. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. There's a great story about a famous billionaire that illustrates this point perfectly. Note: I'll anonymize his... [read more]
Everyone seems to think that value-based pricing is the optimal approach in every case. It's not. I made an argument against the overuse of value-based pricing already, but I think a return to the argument is in order. My new apartment... [read more]
There's no need to restrain your profits! Contact me for pricing... [read more]
Everyone wants to be able to charge more than the next guy. After all, who wouldn't want to earn more money for a given investment of time, materials and effort? There are many ways to earn more money per unit sold, but the most obvious is to differentiate your product. Most people would agree that if you want to charge more for your product,... [read more]
You're probably familiar with the parable of The Ant and the Grasshopper. The ant spends his summer working tirelessly to build up his stores of food while the grasshopper enjoys the bounty that surrounds him. When winter comes, the carefree grasshopper starves to death... [read more]
Looking for a pricing consultant? Contact me. I can help you fix your... [read more]
Many pricing pundits love to extol the virtues of value-based pricing. They see it as the universal answer to just about any pricing question. Charge for the value you provide. It sounds so obvious. I take a much more nuanced approach. Sometimes... [read more]
Perhaps you've heard this one before: Q. What's the difference between a computer science major and a writing major? A. The computer science major asks "How should I spend my big salary?" The writing major asks "Would you like fries with that?" In college, I used to think that the riddle... [read more]
Although Vin Diesel's understanding of pricing economics is both noteworthy and unexpected, I think that business owners would be better served to examine the life of another Hollywood player for pricing advice: Moses Horwitz (better known as Moe Howard, leader of The... [read more]
The comics will continue until morale improves. Need a pricing consultant? Contact... [read more]
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