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I discovered a seven-year old question on Hacker News asking how to monetize an email list. There are three primary ways to monetize a list: Sell to subscribers. Sell the subscribers. Sell the number... [read more]
Always at the forefront of economics, I have created a new tool for analyzing the purchasing power of the US dollar. While most tools and measures attempt to analyze how effectively money can be traded for useful or common baskets of goods, I have taken the next logical step and created a... [read more]
My most recent adventure to Whole Foods left me with the usual: an empty wallet and a number of unanswered pricing questions. As I was buying my biodegradable bag of artisan hipster-approved organic free range potatoes, I realized that I'd want to sprinkle some salt on them. I'm a simple guy, so I didn't want anything fancy like the... [read more]
I recently came across a discussion about an SEO self-guided site audit checklist. While I can't speak to the quality of the product, I can speak to its pricing strategy. Long story short? There's ample room for improvement. This post will outline three... [read more]
I generally try to dissuade companies from competing on price. It leads to a race to the bottom and devalues products in the minds of potential customers. That said, it can be hard to charge a premium price for a commodity that can be bought from just about anywhere. This presents quite the conundrum, but the enterprising folks at Whole... [read more]
A recent article described Tesla's use of nondisclosure agreements to silence unhappy customers. In the article, a company spokesman explained that these NDAs were intended "to protect itself from potential lawsuits," but I think there's another... [read more]
Six years ago, a video featuring two entrepreneurs in the hugging niche went viral. While the free-loving hippie offered his product for free, the more enlightened capitalist decided to charge for his "deluxe hugs." Within an hour, the hippie had learned a valuable lesson: hugging should... [read more]
Need a pricing consultant? Contact... [read more]
I was working with a software company some time ago. The firm was in crisis. Builds were breaking. Requirements were going unmet. Managers were desperately trying to figure out who might be willing to spend actual money to buy the firm's products. Nevertheless, the company was somehow flush with cash and on a hiring spree. Before you knew... [read more]
Most companies aren't willing to foot the bill for celebrity endorsements. Instead, they seek out testimonials from "regular" people. Have you ever wondered how companies find such credible individuals? I have. I decided to turn to some consultants for answers. As a "price-conscious" businessman, I chose to forgo paying for their insights... [read more]
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