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You'd know this if you'd read my book on pricing... [read more]
One of my least favorite commercials features a police officer explaining the click it or ticket policy. In short, if you don't wear a seat belt while driving, you will be forced to pay a very large fine. Disclaimer: I always wear my seat belt. According to the United States... [read more]
My poetry brings tears, but my book on how to price software brings dollar... [read more]
It should go without saying that some companies have more pricing power than others. They can charge premium rates because of their reputations. Whether it's a reputation for consistency, quality, variety or some other trait, they are known for being something. Let's play a little game. Here's a picture I took today. See if you can... [read more]
In How To Price an Elephant, I looked at how we could apply pricing concepts to an animal. While I think there is much to learn through this approach, I think the reverse is even more interesting. What pricing techniques can we learn by observing wild creatures? Signaling is probably the most... [read more]
Throughout the years, I've pondered about the pricing of many things ranging from houses to software and even salt. That said, there are some items that I've never attempted to price. One example: an elephant. In Asia, elephants have long been worth quite a bit of money. Both... [read more]
I recently wrote about a pricing scam that could be performed quite easily. As an honest businessman, I would never conduct such unethical acts. Nevertheless, my interest in pricing scams continues to grow. Here's a particularly interesting one called "the pigeon drop." The... [read more]
My pricing software ebook is not as... [read more]
Legitimate businesses can be boring. They generally follow the same script every time: a company offers a useful product or service in exchange for money. After a while it gets boring, so I've begun to read about criminal enterprises. The most interesting crimes are "cons" (short for confidence tricks). Why are they so intriguing? Many of... [read more]
My book on pricing software applications contains a lot of great wisdom. My comics... not so... [read more]
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