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It you were to listen to the average CEO, you'd probably hear him say that one of his highest priorities is to keep his customers happy. After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer, and the acquisition of new customers can be quite expensive. That said, behind closed doors most CEOs will candidly admit that customers can be a real pain. ... [read more]
I recently came across an interesting software pricing strategy being used by the makers of SEO tool Serpstat. Alongside its traditional monthly pricing options for its SaaS product, it offered accounts for a one-time fixed fee. As a general rule, charging a one-time fixed... [read more]
The nation was abuzz with talk of Hurricane Irma, a powerful category five hurricane headed toward Florida. While the inevitable destruction and economic devastation were quite upsetting, the storm did provide one noteworthy benefit - the opportunity for me to people watch and see how... [read more]
Many people operate under a serious misconception about the way commerce works. They assume that, absent penalty, customers would only pay for products that best fulfill their desires at a given price. This belief is flawed. Before we dive into the details, let me ask you a very pertinent question: How much would you be willing to pay... [read more]
I'm announcing the release of the guide to pricing techniques. If you're need to figure out how much you should be charging for whatever it is that you sell, make, or do, you'll benefit from this document... [read more]
Are you planning to attend SmartSheet's Engage conference? Even if you have no interest in the event, the conference's website is an interesting case study in sales. Most people believe that a sale involves only two parties: a buyer and a seller. It's worked that way for... [read more]
I'm going to dispense with my usual diatribe on features vs. benefits. It's been done to death - both on my blog and elsewhere on the internet. Let's spend some time just focusing on feature selection. A Generic Feature Set Here's a Venn diagram that... [read more]
I've always believed that two traits have held me back in life: a penchant for honesty and an ever present desire for a clean conscience. That said, I'm not one of those people who doesn't understand how the world works. I've written about techniques for scamming honest folks out of their... [read more]
Here's a pricing tip: when selling a six-figure product, it's important to build a sense of confidence on the part of buyers. Misspellings in product descriptions tend to reduce buyer confidence. Looking for a... [read more]
I think it's important for a grown man to admit when he was wrong. A while ago, I stood up and defiantly predicted the demise of a new Google service. It would be patently unfair of me not to revisit my analysis, now that two years have passed. Let's dive into the details. Google... [read more]
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