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Animals are like little corporations. They seek out resources, compete with rivals and strive to achieve concrete goals at minimal costs. For this reason, I often flip through biologic texts to find new perspectives on pricing. I've spent quite a bit of time learning about how organisms interact with each other. Sometimes they work... [read more]
Many companies pinch pennies when performing marketing activities. This is usually a mistake; maximizing return on investment is often more important. But don't get your wallets out just yet. There are plenty of companies that have learned to stretch their marketing dollars. Today we'll examine the internet marketing firm... [read more]
I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking at WordCamp Boston in July. I think that this will be an excellent opportunity for a number of reasons: I'll meet many new people in the technology field. South Florida isn't exactly a tech center just yet, so it will be great to be able to... [read more]
In an ideal world, you'd quote a price and your customer would either accept or reject it. We don't live in an ideal world. Many clients will attempt to reduce your rates. So what can you do? There are three basic responses to a demand for a price reduction: You can reduce your prices. You can reject the... [read more]
I recently sat through a marketing pitch by a big Fortune 100 firm. The company's products were both highly technical and highly priced. Although the presentation was technical in nature, the speaker made an awful number of marketing mistakes while positioning his software as a service offering. The most glaring was that he didn't... [read more]
In a previous article, I mentioned the fantastic business strategy of charging money to not work. Well, apparently one man took my advice: Elio Sceti. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Sceti... [read more]
As an economist, I always make a note of movie scenes that involve pricing. One of my favorites belongs to Animal Crackers. Captain Spalding discusses Signor Ravelli's pricing strategy for his musicians. It goes something like this: Spalding: "What do you... [read more]
My education in computer science has left a terrible imprint upon my psyche. Sure I learned many techniques to analyze and process information, but I've also learnt one important business anti-pattern: one should always optimize for the creation of maximum value. My personal interest in... [read more]
Twitter has been aflutter with a tweet by Max Howell (warning: foul language). Despite being the author of a very popular piece of software, his application for employment was rejected by Google. His belief is that Google's hiring practices... [read more]
Suppose I told you that I had earned a black belt and a Fields Medal. The black belt would likely lead you to believe that I am an expert martial artist. Odds are you're unfamiliar with the Fields Medal, so (based upon context) you'd probably assume it was another award for my extreme martial arts prowess. How wrong you'd be! The black... [read more]
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