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It has become fashionable for business folks to say "never compete on price." In many cases, they're right on the money. Thrifty customers are a flighty group and will likely switch to even lower cost solutions, should any arrive in the marketplace. "Never competing on price" makes a good deal of sense, but this guidance contains a great deal... [read more]
In today's teardown, we'll be looking at the landing page for a product called ServiceVouch. I'll talk about the purpose of landing pages, examine the pitch and provide actionable advice for marketing this innovative new... [read more]
In today's teardown, we're going to look at Google's newest product: Google Fi. Watch the teardown to find out what we can learn from this multi-billion dollar behemoth's marketing... [read more]
A video teardown of a student's website. How can Andrew improve his salesmanship online? Watch the video critique to find... [read more]
... [read more]
One of the most common pricing techniques is so widely used that few even recognize it as such. I'm speaking, of course, about locks. Yes, I'm serious. While locks are rarely (if ever) mentioned in economic textbooks (my own pricing book included), they probably should be. Most people think that locking mechanisms are... [read more]
... [read more]
... [read more]
Readers, I owe you an apology. Having performed significant research into the field of pricing, spoken to business owners and analyzed historical trends, I can say without a doubt that pricing does not matter. The approach of analyzing a market to select an optimal pricing strategy is not only a difficult undertaking, but is very... [read more]
People are often shocked by the high price of Google AdWords. Not only are ads quite expensive for businesses, but the system is so complex that many companies are forced to offload ad management onto costly AdWords specialists, thus increasing the out-of-pocket costs further. A recent article suggested that companies will spend more than than... [read more]
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