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I've analyzed hundreds of pricing pages and have noted dozens of common errors. The single most egregious mistake can be seen in the image below. While some would argue that the image is not an example of a true pricing page (because the prices are listed in units of attention and not dollars), let's leave that issue for another... [read more]
As politicians bicker and do nothing, the country continues its slide into economic uncertainty. For this reason, I have decided to step in and solve all of the country's economic problems once and for all. It was more than two years ago that I detailed my plan to save the... [read more]
Note: The slides from my presentations are available. I was invited to speak at Confoo Montreal this month and had a wonderful time. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn from some brilliant presenters in the field of software engineering, but I... [read more]
One lesson has been drilled into my head again and again: sellers of commodity goods have no pricing power. Such vendors are forced to sell their wares at the same price as their least expensive competitors. Any attempt to raise prices will simply cause their customers to buy elsewhere. I believe that... [read more]
Everyone knows that products and services can be priced too cheaply. Many people don't realize, however, that money can be priced too cheaply as well. For the past decade, standards for investments and loans have been quite low and venture capitalists (VCs) have been desperate to find investments. If you have dot com dreams, and you want... [read more]
Today I'm going to do something I never thought possible. I'm going to apologize. More specifically, I'm going to apologize to American retailer Best Buy. For years I've badmouthed the store as a poorly stocked, expensive retailer that serves no useful purpose, but to act as a showroom for internet... [read more]
When it Comes To Pricing, Language Matters I recently found myself dining at an unfamiliar restaurant. What began as a pleasant outing soon took a turn for the worse, my blood pressure rising faster than the national debt. Why? It wasn't due to the food or the atmosphere. Both proved equally... [read more]
As a young child, I always viewed the phrase It's better to give than receive with a healthy dose of skepticism. After all, giving a present involves many types of expenditures. There's the monetary cost of the present. There's the time required to select that present. There's even the dastardly effort required to wrap it. And... [read more]
I recently found myself stuck at an organized event, forced to endure the most heinous form of torture ever devised by man - forced small talk. Summoning my courage, I introduced myself to the first person I saw. He immediately began blathering about an uninteresting topic, and I began to formulate my escape plan. All of that changed when he... [read more]
Happy November 25th! Most Americans probably know today as Black Friday, but it has another name: Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day is a holiday created by artist Ted Dave. It's not clear what his motivations were - perhaps he wanted to get his name in the papers, or... [read more]
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