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As a perennial night owl, I've watched my share of late night TV. Most of the programming is terrible, but there's something that makes it all worthwhile - infomercials. For decades, customers have been buying solutions advertised on infomercials. Some make purchases to become more attractive. Others whip out their credit cards to become... [read more]
Though I have published a fantastic textbook on pricing software systems, I've been told that people are moved by poetry. So here is a limerick on the subject of... [read more]
A friend pointed me to an old article about a danger that kills many people each year. I'm not speaking of tornadoes, drunk drivers or even avian flu. We've all heard of those. I'm talking about a deadly organism that few know to avoid. I speak, of course, about coconuts: nature's... [read more]
Behold, possibly the world's first advertisement for pricing consulting services in the form of a knock, knock joke. But seriously - if you're having trouble... [read more]
Software used to be different. In order to use an application, a customer would have to go a software store, purchase a set of diskettes, drive back home, and then install the system. It was only hours later, and after much frustration, that he could begin to derive any semblance of value from the ordeal. Now the barrier for customers to use... [read more]
Berkshire Hathaway is a multi-billion dollar firm with a reputation for having a no-nonsense management team. So why does this company have such a poorly designed website? Does it harm their marketing pitch, or is it somehow irrelevant? Find out in the latest installment of our ongoing website marketing... [read more]
Freeloaders often get a bad rap in the business community. They benefit from products and services without paying. In some cases, a freeloader does not actively increase the cost to the producers. For instance, a person sitting outside a music hall could easily listen to a symphony... [read more]
I've seen quite a few entrepreneurs reaching out to the internet for help. Although their needs were varied, many of them begged for suggestions on how to launch a classified ads website. Such websites can be highly lucrative as they can be easily monetized and require very little in the way of ongoing content creation. Unfortunately, such... [read more]
WeWork is a famous coworking company with offices across the world. While none can deny its increasing popularity, little has been said of its website. Does the website connect with the populace? How has the business segmented its potential customers? Learn all this and more in this exciting video critique of WeWork's... [read more]
SunFest, a multi-day festival is West Palm Beach is famous for music and art. It should also be known for its excellent use of business strategy and customer segmentation. Though many concertgoers are satisfied with their "standard" tickets, the event organizers also sell a number of upgrades to their more... [read more]
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