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I'm not a fan of using donations as part of a business model. In my guide to software revenue models, I refer to such strategies as "begging" and suggest that organizations dependent upon gifts are destined for abject poverty. Sure, if you want to send me money because you like my pricing blog,... [read more]
The online store Newegg built a reputation for excellent service and fantastic prices. That said, the firm is known for something else: fighting patent trolls. Interestingly, the firm's blog glosses over one interesting side of its legal strategy. Why is the... [read more]
In today's teardown, we'll be looking at the pricing of the popular SAAS LessAccounting. We'll see how the product is positioned and then come up with some actionable steps that we think could earn its producers higher levels of... [read more]
I'm constantly amazed to see so many companies prioritizing cost reductions in their business strategies. In many cases, the goal of reducing expenditures is diametrically opposed to long-term profitability. For all but the most inept industry, reductions in cost basis requires these firms to make painful trade-offs: They source... [read more]
Budgets are tight. Businesses have to do more with less. We understand. While many consulting firms will suggest that you should save money by renegotiating your lease or using more powerful software systems, we like to attack problems more creatively. This article outlines the steps that you can take to reduce the cost of your firm's... [read more]
How does six hundred dollars sound? Pretty good, huh? That's very convenient because you're about to receive it. That's what I was thinking as I waited in the airport. I was returning home from a presentation in Boston, waiting to catch the second leg of my flight. As I lost myself in a book, the staff at the check-in counter demanded my... [read more]
It's not always obvious what a given item should cost. I was recently given a bottle of water. Obviously, I should be grateful for any gift, but how grateful should I have been to my benefactor in this case? How much money is a bottle of water worth? What is its proper cost? Was a simple "thank you" enough to demonstrate a suitable level of... [read more]
I'm sure you've heard the expression there's no such thing as a free lunch. While true in most cases, many software companies offer significant value to consumers under freemium pricing. But while free pricing tiers can represent a boon for consumers, they can cause great injury to software producers' bottom lines. Sure, a single free... [read more]
I saved the better jokes for my book on pricing... [read more]
Imagine the following scene: A team at a software startup is looking at its creation. It's works. It's a thing of beauty, but it doesn't yet have a price. "What should we charge?" asks one engineer. "I don't know!" cries another. Everyone looks around the room, desperate for an answer. Then the boss has an... [read more]
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