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As an economist, I've had my share of odd conversations about investments. I recently referred to one company's products as a commodity and my discussion partner readily agreed. Unfortunately we were using the term "commodity" very differently. I used the economic definition of a commodity: a generic good for which there are many equivalents.... [read more]
Over the last twelve months I've been on the receiving end of emails from a professional group. They all spoke highly of their biggest, most impressive event of the year. Industry professionals from my field will gather in great numbers to network and share their knowledge. Best of all, they had reserved a spot just for me! A free ticket was... [read more]
TapRun has just released a free automated system for improving your business. Answer a handful of yes/no questions about your company, and you will receive a series of strategy suggestions that you can use to take your business to the next level. It's 100% automated and requires neither your email address nor billing... [read more]
It's become very fashionable for consultants to claim that hourly pricing makes no sense. They say that it misaligns the incentives between service provider and client. These constant attacks on hourly pricing need to stop. Hourly pricing is not evil. It's not morally wrong. It should not be stopped.... [read more]
I'm always excited when a company tries a new business strategy. Not long ago I examined Amazon's efforts to hide the price of its products from consumers. Not to be outdone, European discount airliner Germanwings is experimenting with... [read more]
A recent trip to the supermarket revealed this sign. Can you spot the problem?... [read more]
Six months ago businessman Reima Kuisla became famous. He received a speeding ticket for €54,000 (more than $60,000 dollars). This large sum wasn't because he was driving at the speed of light, but because he was driving in a country that scales fines to the accused's... [read more]
Pope Francis, I hope that you enjoy your upcoming trip to Philadephia. As you know, you have many followers who eagerly await your visit. Unfortunately, there are few venues large enough to contain everyone who would like to hear you speak. You are a man known for his... [read more]
Every person with an MBA dreams of finding a way to charge a premium for an inferior product. Today I'll show you one way to do it. But first, a story. For much of my consulting firm's existence, I hosted the corporate website on Digital Ocean. The firm has a stellar reputation for providing... [read more]
For those of you who missed my previous presentation on software pricing, you now have another chance! I'll be speaking in Tampa this month. Don't forget to sign... [read more]
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