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The war on the level of effort heuristic continues! I continued working on my seven day startup. To get the full story, check out my tale on... [read more]
I saw a fantastic sign on the topic of discount pricing at a nearby restaurant. Actually, it wasn't that fantastic. There's another word I'm looking for. Oh, yes: insane. It would appear that my emotions have gotten the better of me. Let me say it more diplomatically. I would recommend that business avoid using similar... [read more]
In my software pricing book, I describe the level of effort heuristic. It is a cognitive bias that mistakenly leads people to estimate an item's value based upon the amount of work that went into producing it. This leads the average person to believe that he must work hard in order to earn a profit. The truth... [read more]
I noticed something odd about this coupon from Toojay's Original Gourmet Deli. Can you guess what I'm going to say? I added a red rectangle as a hint. Coupons are often intended to lure relatively... [read more]
I noticed this oddity on Dropbox's pricing page: Isn't it strange that a company selling online storage forgot to mention how much space comes with each of its offerings? When dealing with pricing... [read more]
The Product Beacon is a page for writers and readers. Part of the startup accelerator Y Combinator's Winter, 2014 batch, it's ready to take the world by storm and introduce a form of patronage to support writers. Through the sale of crowdfunded,... [read more]
The Company Responsive Software is a small software firm in New Zealand. The company appears to earn its money by selling custom software development services. As it happens, I'm very interested in pricing out custom software development,... [read more]
Nearly every business has a petty cash drawer that contains a small amount of money to be used for low-value purchases. Have you ever wondered why? In a way, it's strange that businesses have a two-tiered system for handling monetary transactions. For most purchases, items go up the chain of command. Bosses, analysts and auditors have to... [read more]
Following up on my post about placing a price tag on a human life, I thought I'd upset even more people with a relatively straightforward question: Are there some products that should not have a price? Remember, I'm next asking what can't have a price - there are ways to value just about... [read more]
As I look around Boca Raton, Florida, I see many folks driving fuel-efficient hybrids. The economist in me wonders why all of those drivers of high-efficiency cars hate the planet so much. Wouldn't it be better if we could force companies to produce less fuel-efficient vehicles? Many environmentalists would say the idea is crazy. Many... [read more]
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