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It's been almost two years since I published my book on software pricing. At that time, I wrote a post explaining why I didn't make it available on Kindle. This week I published my book on strategic pricing, and I did place it on... [read more]
Need a pricing consultant? Contact... [read more]
The news is out. American farmers have chosen to destroy 43 million gallons of milk rather than put them up for sale. This was no accident - prices for milk are so low that many farmers would wind up losing money on transportation... [read more]
I'm not much of a gamer, but I recently followed a link to the video game store GOG (formerly Good Old Games). The site serves as a fantastic reminder that a firm's pricing power can erode very quickly - especially in the fickle consumer market. This fact is highlighted by... [read more]
Combo deals are all the rage these days. Businessmen have realized that product bundles are a great way to encourage potential customers to spend more money. After all, who wouldn't want to add a large container of fries and a coke for just a few dollars more? Unfortunately, few marketers put much thought into how their combo deals are... [read more]
It seems like I've been pointing out the foibles of everyone. I've written about folks ranging from physicists to real estate agents and even... [read more]
Most economists learn to calculate the proper price of a good by looking at the intersection of supply and demand curves. This is a dangerous practice that leads to dramatic inefficiencies and lost income. Pricing isn't something that should be left until the end of the product development process. A price tag is not something that can be... [read more]
The traditional taxicab industry is in trouble. Upstarts like Uber are using legally questionable tactics to upend the transportation industry and capture a large segment of the market. Mired in regulation and unable to evolve, taxi companies have no idea what can be done to stop Uber's encroachment. Not only do I have a solution, but I... [read more]
Having published a book on software pricing, created an enormous blog and even programmed a new means of calculating purchasing power, I wondered what I should work on next. Then it hit me! I'm going to Disney Land! I'm releasing an email course on product monetization. Curious? Find out... [read more]
I came across an article on discussing a method to decrease the price of a new home. It involves writing a letter to the sellers that convinces them to reject the highest bid for their property and accept a lower offer from you. At first, this... [read more]
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