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In order to encourage shoppers to sign up for their store card, an upper class supermarket devised a fantastic incentive: free coffee. Many would praise that plan as... [read more]

Sell Cream, Not Milk.

December 4, 2014
One of my most common pieces of business advice is to sell cream and not milk. It sounds great, but what does it mean? First, a quick lesson on milk production. Both milk and cream come from a cow. If you were to "milk" a cow, and allow the resultant liquid to sit in a pail, the high-fat cream would rise to the top, while the denser milk... [read more]
I don't understand coffee. Many people are addicted to caffeine and refuse to function unless they've consumed their daily dose. Actually, that's the part that I understand. What confuses me is how people have moved from treating coffee as a "thing" to a near-religious experience. They buy thousand dollar machines to prepare it, spend... [read more]
A software engineer told the following story on a discussion forum: A company had reached out to him (directly) and asked him to set up a training course for its software engineers. There was just one problem. He had no idea what to charge. ... [read more]
When I was growing up there was a common trope in television sitcoms. A man would take a woman on a date to a restaurant. When the check came, he would make the worst faux pas imaginable. He'd hand a coupon to the waiter. Everyone would laugh at his lack of social grace, and the rest of the episode would feature his attempts to redeem... [read more]
Even folks who aren't interested in my book on how to price software are fascinated by one of the decisions I made in publishing it. I decided to sell it directly on my website, rather than through Amazon's Kindle program. Heresy I know! But there are some great reasons to ignore Amazon Kindle for your next non-fiction... [read more]
I saw this receipt and was astounded! The local Target has discovered a new way for people to save money - by spending it. Historically, folks have mistakenly believed that investment was the means to riches, but all this time the answer was right in front of us: consumption! That's the... [read more]
Napoleon Bonaparte was reputed to have said the following: A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. The statement demonstrates one very important point about conducting business. Success comes from the acquisition of labor, goods or wealth at a relatively low price, followed by the sale... [read more]
In order to beat the Black Friday rush, I'm putting my book on sale for the next 24 hours. Now, I've often stated that competing on price can be a bad idea. Providing discounts can be equally dangerous. If you do it too often (Six to Start, I'm looking at you!), you'll train your customers to only... [read more]
I'm still working on my seven day startup. Check out the full blog post on... [read more]
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