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I came across an open letter in the New York Times by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, an oncologist and a vice provost at the University of Pennsylvania. He decries the lack of new antibiotics and describes his new plan to ensure that biotech companies refocus... [read more]
I saw an interesting conversation on Hacker News yesterday. A software developer complained about the hurdles that some companies require him to jump before being granted so much as a phone screen. Like most interactions, this one should be understood through the lens of pricing to see... [read more]
Negotiating on a price can be rather tricky. Price-sensitive shoppers prefer lower price tags. Sellers, on the other hand, generally prefer higher prices on a given sale. Are there any ways that a seller can strengthen his ability to command higher prices? Yes. As is often the case, it comes down to the signaling of pricing power. The... [read more]
How much would you like to make more money? I'm betting that you'd say quite a bit. So why are so many actors at a tiny Los Angeles theater fighting tooth and nail against union-backed efforts to increase their pay? Before we answer that... [read more]
Consumers are generally unhappy when they see the goods that they buy increase in price. As the products become more expensive, customers will complain and some will begin to rethink their purchasing decisions. This presents a problem for companies as it limits their ability to increase their prices. So what's a company to do in order to... [read more]
One of the most dangerous concepts that we teach small children is that working hard is admirable. The lesson is so ingrained in our social structure that some schools (including those that I attended) delivered separate grades for effort. Oh, Johnny failed English, but at least he gave it his all! This toxic... [read more]
One of the more interesting television shows from my childhood was named Let's Make a Deal. The show's host (Monty Hall) would offer various deals to members of the studio audience. One of the most common deals presented was the offer to trade a valuable good for a mystery item... [read more]
I love receiving spam marketing - robocalls to my cell phone, fliers under my windshield, even letters to my mailbox. Why? Because it offers an opportunity for two of my greatest joys in life: A means of teaching folks about pricing The opportunity to enjoy a few minutes of... [read more]
There's a common thread in my growing list of pricing teardowns. Companies love to talk about product features but they rarely explain how those features can benefit their customers. Should a consumer spend an extra 40% for modularized data entry screens? How about an extra $10,000 for multi-platform support? There may be very... [read more]
There's a famous saying in the field of software engineering: There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. While the former is far outside the scope of this article, naming is fundamentally important to pricing strategy. One must only compare two heroic figures to... [read more]
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